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...eline for ARM servers Incremental investment from Softbank to kickstart the ARM server ecosystem   Results While recent results include a large acquisition, year end 2017 results showed the top line growing 15%.
01/24/2018 on fibre broadband. NTT is also benefitting as Softbank has been forced to run the Japan business for cash generation and have skimped on investment....ain mobile providers in Japan along with KDDI and Softbank....players in the Japan mobile market including KDDI Softbank....pan mobile market including KDDI Softbank. Softbank had been very aggressive trying to gain market share for about a decade from 2005 till 2015 at which point Softbank eased off discounting in the market, eased off aggressive capex spends and started to realize higher EBITDA and cash flow gains....ted to realize higher EBITDA and cash flow gains. Softbank’s focus has shifted to other segments including Sprint and it is happy to let the Japan mobile business spin off higher cash flows....hey didn’t stop investing into the network like Softbank and as of Sep 2017, almost half their LTE base stations are “Premium 4G” enabled, which means almost 800Mbps speed (one of the fastest in the world) and it is allowing them to continue to add subscribers.
.... The only option is a multi billion dollar PIPE. Softbank has already said no.
...To your point Softbank is stone cold dumb money and Saudi is frantically trying to "diversify" away from the most valuable asset in human history, and Elon (again, we are cozy together) is Larry's part time roomie so anything is possible.  
...g number.  Not out of the range of the Saudis or Softbank I guess but I can't think of any more potential players.
...s $40b of cash he needs.  Could he get that from Softbank (who is spewing cash everywhere in private deals, hell they just valued GM’s autonomous driving IP at $13b) or Apple (which is sitting on $260b in cash an actively trying to enter the EV market) or a bigger investment from Tencent or Alibaba or Google or any of the army of private investors that are buying into private rounds on similar money losing companies at $30b+ valuations almost on a daily basis now)?   It just doesn’t seem that hard to imagine honestly. and dumb enough to finance a dea
... up competing with the unlimited capital pools of Softbank-Oneweb and SpaceX? Interesting commentary on the annual meeting.
...on to LORL/Telesat next! Between Echostar, Oneweb/Softbank and a possible IPO hopefully the wait for Godot will be over soon.
...e short term, but if you need $1.5b/quarter, even Softbank cannot fund that forever.
...he decline: 1-TMUS/Sprint now may merge---removes Softbank as possible Charter buyer and may be seen as increasing threat in video (Tmus television launching soon-now will have Sprint sub base as well to target).
...ems to be a pretty good bet. Verizon and Sprint / Softbank both made runs at Charter last year.
...n winding down its PE funds following its sale to Softbank last year – sold its stake in OneMain Financial (“OMF”) to Apollo / Varde Partners earlier this year.
...ed its widening/narrowing? looking at how Alibaba/Softbank trades, it seems like when these large-cap internet growth stocks massively outperform, the holdco tends to underperform as everyone simply just buys the direct exposure.
... I actually like the thesis re harvesting cash as Softbank under-invests.