Interact with Top Investors

Value Investors Club was founded in 1999 by Joel Greenblatt and John Petry to provide sophisticated individual and professional investors with a forum to exchange investment ideas free from the noise that populates so many investment websites. The idea was simple, by being highly selective about who joins VIC, we created a community of highly skilled investors who contributed between two and six of their own ideas each year while giving value-added feedback on the other members' ideas. To become a member of VIC an applicant needs to submit a well-researched, well-articulated, attractive value investment idea. While the standards for admission are high and only about 1 in 15 applications to the site are admitted, those admitted are rewarded with real time access to a continuous source of interesting investment ideas and analysis.

Today Value Investors Club has about 500 active members who have shared nearly 10,000 investment write-ups with other investors and provided 130,000 comments on each other’s ideas. We invite you to learn more by reviewing the content that is available to guests on a delayed basis.