About VIC

Value Investors Club (.com) is an exclusive online investment club where top investors share their best ideas.

Here's how it works...

A LIMITED NUMBER OF APPLICANTS QUALIFY for acceptance. Membership is free however only a select few are chosen to join, based on their investment ability.

To Apply:

Each potential member must submit an online application (at valueinvestorsclub.com) that includes a favorite current investment recommendation. Quality of the applicant's investment thinking and research is the main criteria for admission. Applications are judged by an investment manager with one of the top long-term investment records in the United States

Club Rules:

Each member, once admitted, must post a minimum of two investment ideas per year at the Value Investors Club site. Since the club's goal is for members to share only their best investment ideas, members may NOT submit more than six ideas per year. There is a message board (open only to other club members) for member comments on each submitted investment idea. Members who post irrelevant or non-constructive comments will forfeit their membership privileges.

Why Join:

Let's face it. Traditional stock message boards are largely a waste of time. The investment ability of the participants and the quality of the information provided are generally poor. Traditional Wall Street research is also of little use. Analyst recommendations are usually compromised by investment banking relationships, poor research and institutional group think. Additionally, most analysts ignore smaller capitalization stocks, out-of-favor opportunities, and companies undergoing restructurings, recapitalizations, spinoffs or other extraordinary changes—investment areas that can be extremely lucrative for individuals who do their own research.

Since Value Investors Club is an investment forum for savvy investors whose only qualification is the quality of their investment research and thinking, members find the club an invaluable resource. Scientists, lawyers, physicians, engineers, technologists, financiers, entrepreneurs, professionals from all disciplines, as well as businessmen and women, each add their own perspective on investing to the club discussion. However, every member is well-versed in financial analysis and investments.

Great investment ideas are shared and discussed daily. Once again, the benefits of the club are free but admission is highly selective.